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i know it's crazy.

1 January
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I'm Missy. I'm currently in an intimate and passionate romance with MUSIC. Ahem.
I'm happily married to Johnny Rotten, dating Patrick Fugit and Paul McCartney.
Other than that, my love life is pretty miserable.
I'm an ambitious musician; I play guitar (mostly acoustic), piano (self-taught, no sheet music), and the ukelele. Oh, and NOT the Violin, on the account of I'm forbidden to pick one up ever again.
I draw. Picasso is my hero.
I collect action figures. So far my collection consists of Kurt Cobain. He was in his container for 6 months before I ripped open his box to play with him. Right. I'm well aware of my popularity status.
I have one friend. She's the best friend in the world. Anyone who comments on this fact other than her will get a verbal beating.